Scholastic Book Orders Due!

September 15, 2018 all-day
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It’s easy to order online!
Link directly from our website — Click on ‘Scholastic Book Order’ in the top banner…. the school class code (MZQ9Y) is automatically entered!

Books will be delivered to the school for pickup/sent home with your child.

(NOTE: Due to holidays and short month, book orders in December will be placed in January. Or you may wait until January to place your orders…due the 15th of the month!

ALSO: The LAST month of Book Orders for the school year will be in MAY! They will resume in September :)

*If Scholastic remains open in June, we *may* offer a June order. However, Scholastic does close for the summer months and we want to make sure your order doesn’t get stranded in their system until the next school year!

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