About GFMA

Who We Are

Grand Forks Montessori Academy is the only private Montessori school serving the Greater Grand Forks region. For nearly 40 years, our Montessori-based environment and premium education has provided Grand Forks a premier option for families looking for consistency in quality, based on our extensive experience and proven curriculum.

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Meet Our Staff

Meet the GFMA Team

Grand Forks Montessori Academy’s staff is an amazing team of caring, enthusiastic and hard-working individuals that emphasize creativity, independence, critical thinking, self-esteem, and enjoyment of life-long learning. Our fantastic team is what continues to make GFMA great!

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Photo Gallery

Interested in a virtual tour of Grand Forks Montessori Academy? Browse photos of our school, students and staff — and don’t forget to check out our social media sites for updates on activities throughout the year! Our open floor plan offers generous spaces and a variety of areas for the children to learn freely.

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Career Opportunities

GFMA offers great benefits, on-going trainings, a healthy work-life balance and positive team culture. We can not say enough wonderful things about the amazing staff we consider family—dedicated, educated people that rise above the rest. If you have a passion for Montessori, personal and professional growth, and want to support our mission and values, then you’re just the person we are looking for!

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“Education should no longer be mostly imparting of knowledge, but must take a new path, seeking the release of human potentialities.”

— Maria Montessori

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