Admissions Process

Admissions Process Overview

We do our best to maintain a short, active waitlist, consisting of families who have taken the time to go through the multiple enrollment steps (Free Pre-App, Initial Tour, then Application, with either 2nd tour/visit with child completed or to be scheduled which includes time in the environment and one-on-one time with lead teacher).

The enrollment process includes:

• Filling out a FREE Pre-Application Form first. This is the first step to get on an initial waitlist that distinguishes those who are truly interested in the Montessori Method and are willing to wait until a space is available. We suggest families learn more about the Montessori Method by using the links from our website or social media platforms, as well as going directly to The Montessori Foundation for more information, which has lots of parent-friendly, free information.

• Coming for an initial tour to see the school during regular hours, see the classes in session, and having upwards of an hour or more to observe or ask additional questions.

• Being sent home without asking for payment, registration or enrollment on the spot — we do this so you have time to process what you have observed, and give you more time to research, and ask additional questions, to feel if our school and Montessori are right for both your child and your family. Some families have requested to continue the Application at that time and pay the Application fee, as they feel confident in their decisions and feel all their questions have been asked. If anyone is in doubt, we encourage them to think on it. Most families wait some time and then send in an Application, or follow up with more questions, and even wait up to a year or more before continuing with the Application process.

• Parents then may decide to fill out the formal Application and submit an Application fee.

• We then invite your child into the environment to spend time with the class and Lead Teacher to make sure it is a good fit, and that your child is ready. This meeting may be delayed depending on the age of the child (ie: they are close to transitioning to a new classroom, and we need to wait until closer to the expected start date.) This meeting may even be repeated — at no charge — if a child is not quite ready, but may be at a later date.

A more detailed Enrollment Policy is available along with Program & Tuition information, and is reviewed again in person with families before any contract is signed.

We aim to empower families to take an active role in choosing a good educational match for their child. Montessori is one of many options for families, but is not the only way. We support School Choice and want families who join the GFMA family to be confident in their decision. If you feel that you’ve made the wrong decision despite the multiple steps or no longer want a space once it becomes available, please contact us directly at