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We started looking for preschools/ daycare when Alison was 4 years old. She had previously been in a home daycare which meant a lot of one-on-one care and attention. Our first visit to the school was a drastic difference from other preschools in the area. There was structure, happy, listening and learning children, and extremely attentive teachers. Each child was working inventively on their own work. I was almost shocked at how positive the atmosphere was; everyone, especially the teachers, wanted to be there.  Grand Fork Montessori was a perfect shift into a broader learning environment. 
       This fall Alison enrolled in Kindergarten at GFMA.  Over the past two years in Montessori her vocabulary, writing, reading, comprehensive skills and self confidence have flourished. She excitedly explains why it gets cold in the winter and warm in the summer, shares sign language and is quick to help with chores (because everyone helps out with chores at school!). It is clear that her teachers support and encourage the same attitude and behavior we do at home. 
      In addition to the life-skills I can see Alison gaining from her time at Montessori I feel privileged to be a part of a great organization.  Carey goes to great lengths to provide opportunities for the school by partnering with community leaders and businesses. Her commitment and passion for the school and each one of its students seems unparalleled.  
      I highly recommend Grand Forks Montessori!   — Breanna Linert parent of Alison, age 6

“When looking for a child care center, we were looking for a place that we could trust with Carter.  We were also looking for more than just a “babysitting” service in that there would be some educational aspects into his care.  We chose GFMA based on the model of Montessori Education and that we felt that Carter would be engaged with the teachers and other children.  The afternoon program happened to work out wonderfully for our needs and work schedules.
       We love to send Carter, who is currently 20 months to GFMA based on the attention and support he gets. He has been catching on to new things left and right, whether it is talking and sign language or helping with activities at home. I believe it is based on the dedication of the teachers and the time they get to spend with him in addition to the other children.
        I really enjoy all the time they spend outdoors learning and playing. One of Carter’s favorite activities is being outdoors, so it is nice to have more opportunities for him that way.”
— Stephanie & Matthew Hoffman

We chose GFMA because we had watched over the years as Ms. Carey had raised her own children to be happy, independent, and polite kids. I knew how much Ms. Carey valued education and teaching work ethic to the younger generations. The values at GFMA aligned with our own and after a very personalized tour and interview process, we were confident in our choice to send Annika to school there. Since starting, Annika (age 4) has blossomed beyond what we could have imagined. She is encouraged to develop her own inherent self-motivation. She is excited and eager about what she learns each day and her vocabulary development has been exceptional. In addition, her manners have improved and she is more independent and outgoing. She wakes up every morning excited to go to school! We have always felt it to be a very safe place to leave our little girl, knowing she is in the hands of educators who have her best interest in mind. — Amy & Russell Shimek

The Grand Forks area is so fortunate to have such an exemplary Montessori school, and I am thrilled that my daughter is receiving such wonderful care and such an amazing academic foundation at GFMA. The staff are organized, kind, patient, committed to the Montessori method, and clearly care deeply about the work that they do and the kids that they work with.  It has been a joy to watch my daughter thrive in, and as a result of, an environment that fosters her independence, teaches respect and responsibility, and enables her to be exposed to such a diverse set of materials and learning experiences. As a preschooler she has learned about and been exposed to everything from foundational math, reading and writing skills, to practical life skills, foreign language, music, yoga, and sign language. Equally as important as how pleased I have been with our experience at GFMA, is how happy my daughter is.  She thoroughly enjoys going to school, her peers, and her instructors and is excited to go every morning!”  —Natisha C.

My five year old daughter is brilliant and advanced for her age.  Although I would love to say this is all because of me, I have to credit her knowledge to Miss Shelly, Miss Jenny, and the teaching staff at GFMA for providing her with the proper tools and environment to grow and learn. My daughter thrives learning through the Montessori Method, she was reading at age four and now at age five she is writing her own short stories and creating math problems. Carey has done a remarkable job remodeling, modernizing, and updating the school and classroom materials. GFMA also provides many additional learning opportunities beyond the regular daily “work time” such as sign language, Spanish, practical life skills, and music with Robin Riveland of Arioso Music Academy. The most important thing to me is the happiness and wellbeing of my daughter, and GFMA is her ‘happy place.’ ”  —Rebecca M., mom to Kinley, who started in the Children’s House at age 3.

GF is lucky to have such a gem! My daughter got a tremendous start to her academic career at Little Scholar Ship!” — Annie G.

[We are so proud of our graduates’ many accomplishments over the past 32 years. Annie’s daughter attended ~2006-2009 and in 2014 was accepted into a French immersion school in Hong Kong.]


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This is a wonderful program where my family has been for sixteen years! They have reliability, consistency, and best of all the Montessori approach. The staff at the school is always willing to visit with parents about any detail of the children’s day.

I’ve had my kids enrolled for several years now, and I am pleased with the new changes and growth. I also love the incorporation of the music lessons, sign language and foreign language programs. My children learn something new every day and come home willing to share what they’ve been learning with enthusiasm. The teachers have a heart and genuinely care for the children.

Overall I would say that this is a wonderful program for children in Grand Forks, if not the best for young minds to grow and learn how to think on their own. The teachers are a wonderful balance of strict and heart, which add to a very stable environment the little butterflies to emerge.

“It is not what you do for your children but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings.”

— Ann Landers

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